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If you remember what the Web looked like a couple decades ago, this website should remind you of that experience! If you don't, welcome to the Twentieth Century!

I have decided to run a test of going back in time in order to try out what might or could perhaps maybe be an improvement over the Web we have today. There are many motivations for trying this out, but I want to find out what other people think. I will be explaining “how this website works” over the coming weeks (well, I probably will -- because my hunch is few people will be able to figure it out on their own).

I am launching the site redesign with this content as the homepage simply in order to “jump start” peeps and push everyone in the direction of “first steps to take”. You will mostly be on your own, but I am definitely eager to hear what you think about it and to try to hammer out improvements.

First of all, the site is really designed to be a mashup of a blog plus a topically arranged website. Blogs are really chronologically ordered (or rather: “reverse chronologically”), and subjects, tags, topics and such are actually more of an afterthought. The design of this site works the other way around: It is first and foremost about topics, and then you can also use it as a blog. I am very much aware of the importance of blogs, and have been very careful to make switching back and forth between the two formats simple and straightforward.

Second, the design is extremely technologically lightweight. This has several important advantages, but also a few disadvantages. In my opinion, the disadvantages are quite minor, and the advantages far outweigh the few and relatively small inconveniences. You might think differently, and I would definitely appreciate hearing about it.

I will ultimately convert this into a regular post with tags and all, but for the moment it should function quite well here on the homepage as a sort of “welcome” mat placeholder. So now I will invite you to take the BIG LEAP and click on this link to load the frameset. If you do, you will notice a vertical line separating a large portion of the screen on the left (the “content” area) and a smaller portion of the screen on the right (the “navigation” area). By the way: You can click + drag this separation bar (the line between content area and navigation area) to the left or right and the content in both areas will adjust automatically to fit the space available. Clicking on an individual tag link will actually load stuff in the content area that is sort of “in between” -- and there are different levels of tagging (for example, there is a difference between “tags” and “related terms”; if a “tag” occurs in a post, it will always be internally linked in that post... but a “related term” is not linked, it is simply related to the tag it is listed alongside).

If you absolutely cannot deal with using a frameset, then please feel free to use the sitemap.

The mathematical model used for managing tags and related terms is quite sophisticated. I plan to publish information about this soon.

PS: Since this web server is still experiencing problems, you may prefer to download the zip archive (of the entire site -- only available via this page!) and browse it on your local machine instead. ;)

THANK YOU for your interest! :)


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